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I used to have a job that was just on the outside of town, and I would have to catch the bus there and back each day. I was working in an office, and usually this meant I wore female business suits, either smart short skirts or wrap around skirts. Any girl that has ridden on a bus will tell you that the vibrations, are, well a bonus. I mean, they are not going to make you cum or anything, but they certainly put your attention down to your pussy, which is exactly how I found out about this enjoyable past time.

I was sitting on the bus journey home, various people get on and off on the way, it can get quite boring sometimes and my mind tends to wonder. It was starting to get dark outside, and I coudlnít wait to get home and take this pencil skirt off and throw my blouse on the washing pile. I was looking around the bus, minding my own business, when I realised that I was staring straight at that little mirror that the bus driver has to keep an eye on everyone. You canít see much because it is dark, but from the drivers seat he gets a full view of what is going on onboard the bus. I found myself wondering just how much of of view he gets, I thought if he was able to see up girls skirts. So I leaned down as if to check something in my bag on the floor, and peered up at the mirror from lower down. No, he couldnít see anything below the back of the seats. He could only see the top half of the people.

My naughty mind got to thinking, I could be completely naked from the waist down and he wouldnít know a thing. Only the other passengers would know, though. I looked behind me, I was sitting quite near to the back anyways, and as I did so the only person sitting behind me got up to leave the bus. I checked again, and realised that I was the furthest back person on the bus. Noone could really see what I was doing here. I donít know where this wicked thought came from, probably the mild bus vibrations making me a little horny, but I got the urge to uncross my legs and part them a little. I was wearing high hold-up stockings and my normal work panties, so it wasnít like I would reveal too much. As I parted them I felt the air creep up in between them, and start to caress the exposed skin at the top of my hold ups.

Looking around, noone on the bus was any wiser, they continued reading, or chatting or looking out the window, and the driver couldnít see my lower half. Reaching down slowly with my hand, I hitched up my skirt a little and ran a finger tip under my panties. I was starting to feel a little more excited now, and when I got a good grip with my finger tip I pulled my panties to one side. Parts of my pussy were now exposed in the open air whilst I was sitting there right on the bus! This felt really daring, I knew I was starting to get wet, I felt so excited. I slightly hitched up my thighs and tugged on my panties. I thought to myself they would probably come off if i tugged them at the right angle. I didnít want to risk getting caught, so I waited until we had passed the next stop before I started trying to work them down.

I was trying to keep my top half of my body still, but work my panties down my legs, off around my shoes, and place them in my bag. I just about managed it and now I was completely pantie-less in the middle of a public bus. I felt so excited I parted my legs again, this time my entire pussy was exposed. I hitched up my skirt a little more, had there been anyone sitting next to me or behind me they would have got a real eyeful. My pussy was on full display, and I was just sitting there, occasionally brushing it with my fingertips, but all the while pretending that nothing was going on, looking around and looking just as bored as the rest of the passengers. My clit was getting really excited, and I would lightly flick and tease it every now and then. The excitement was intensifying every touch I gave it, and my body was really feeling alive. God this felt so incredible. I had never done anything like this before, and I wondered why on earth not!

Finally, we reached my destination and I had to hitch my skirt down and get off. As I walked past all the other passengers to get off, I was thinking about the naughty things I had been doing, and this made me even more horny. I remember I had an early bath that night, to, erm, work things through my system!

I had plenty more naughty ideas about these sexy bus ridesÖ

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