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How to I start to express the feelings I have for you. I've known you for close to 7 years now. You hit on me back when we where kidding around, but I turned my attention to another guy. You found a girlfriend who acted like me, but she got smart and dumped you. I wanted you then but I was married to the loser of my life. I know about your kinks and fetishes, I even remember when you asked me to be your "mistress". I didn't do it because I was afraid too. Deep down my soul wants you, needs to be with you, but now your married and I can't have you like I want. Why was I so stupid. Now your wife who's my best friend wants to try to be like me. I don't know why. We still tease each other, when she isn't looking. Your blue eyes, my god they drive me wild. And your silver flecked brown hair is so sexy I want to run my hands through it forever. Damn it man, why was I so dumb...


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