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I am still confused, confused in what I thought I was and what I am beginning to learn that I am. I have been sexually active always with boys. I never got anything out of it, except to be able to Hang with the crowd. I usually let me dates have sex with me, if not you don't get dates. I found that I spent most of my time talking to the other girls and not the guys. It is just when they wanted their quickie that I paired off with the boy who took me out.

Let me explain, I did enjoy sort of, penetration. I just never, not once, had an orgasm. And the entire time the guy was fucking on me, I was thinking of something else. He fucked my pussy, but not me. Then, one evening, we were playing around, and these guys sort of dared this girl and me to 69. I wasn't too keen on it, especially doing it for others to watch, but the pressure was on, and she was game, so she went down on me.

I turned around to get close to her pussy, I don't think I had ever been that close to one. The first thing was that I could smell her, and her smell made me horny. I felt myself getting wetter. Her smell was intoxicating. I closed my eyes and put my lips on her pussy lips, and kissed her lightly. She sat up and told me to open my mouth and slurp her pussy and use my tongue like she was doing, and she went back down on me.

She was wet, really wet, and I opened my mouth and started to slurp like she told me and he juice was so, to me any way, sweet. It was so good. I split her slit with my tongue and started licking her, and she responded with her hips. I felt her on my clit, and felt myself getting real tense and bucking her mouth, and I let go with the biggest orgasm I had ever had. And the first orgasm with another person. I sat up and apologized, and she told me not too. She sat up with her back on the sofa, and helped me to go down on her again, and she coached me what to do and she bucked my mouth with her hips, and she told me to finger her ass, and to stick my finger in gently using her juices to lubricate her, and to fuck her ass with my finger while I had my face and mouth on her.

She moved my mouth up to her clit, and pressed my head against her and she came real hard. Then she lifted my face with her finger and brought me up to a kneeling position and she put her mouth on mine, and told me to taste my pussy on her lips as she tasted hers on my lips. Her kiss was powerful and I melted in her arms. The first and only time that a kiss has made me feel like that.

She kissed me for a while, and then she stood up and asked for my hand and invited me back to a bedroom to fuck. She stripped, she was a real woman, no girl here. Her boobs were so full, and woman like. She stripped me, and laughed at my little boobs, which make me feel like a little girl. She took my hand and pulled me on the bed and she made love to me. She fucked me, I guess. I came again. And she kissed me afterwards.

From that night I have only had sex with her, i'm her girlfriend I guess. She is kind of the guy in this relationship, and I pretty much just mold myself to her. She likes to hold my hand when we walk, and makes sure that guys and other girls know that I am with her. This is fine with me, I like being her girlfriend. And I really like sex with her. My feelings are a real crush for her right now, all I do is think of her and how to please her. I get so hot when she hold my hand or puts her arm around me in restaurants, and public places. It feels so good to be owned like that, something none of the guys I ever went out with made me feel.

Anyway, she is my first and so far my only lover, and I evern whispered to her that I love her, and kissed me gently and told me she liked me too and I was hers.

Pat - 48

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