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For my husbands 40 birthday special present I arranged to have some saucy photos taken of me. I was a wee bit nervous so had a few drinks of wine to relax me! I took some sexy gear with me,I wanted the photos to be special, really special so Hubby would remember for life. When I arrived Dave the photographer gave me another drink,this made me even more relaxed!!

The first photos were in a sexy mini dress,I felt like a Hollywood star, Dave told me to make love to the camara, then quite shocked me when he said OK if you can`t make love to the camara why don`t you pretend you are being fucked by a 10 inch black prick!! At first I was shocked but very quickly overcome this and started to think I was in the throws of a good fucking. The next shoot ( and last ) I put on my sexy basque. I was also aware that Dave was watching undress/dress.

When ready I could sense he was sexually aroused, he re-arranged for my straps to be off my shoulders. Also he complimated my breasts were in good shape for my age, and requested that Hubby should have photos of them. I felt so horny a damp patch was appearing on my crutch area. Dave again started to use the word fuck word more and more. Then asked me to remove my basque for some naked shots. When completly naked I felt even more sexy, Dave then said for the best results why don`t you masterbate yourself.

Very,very soon I was obliverous to what was going on. Dave quite unprofessionally took advantage of the situation and undressed and sat next to me. He had one of the biggest pricks I have ever seen, long but the girth was huge! He didn't waste any time and went straight to my gaping open cunt and brought me to a come in a matter of seconds! I then started to work on that huge prick of his, kissing his balls, then taking as much of his prick in my mouth. Soon after he shot his come in my mouth, and I swallowed the whole lot. Dave was still stiff and I wanted him inside me, so I got on top of him and gave him a good fucking. The next week Dave sent me the photos, they were really good, and hubby got what he said was the best birthday present ever. I do feel terrible that I was un faithful,and intended that it was a one off! I might write again soon about when Dave asked me back to do further paid work with Male models.

Cindy - 39

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