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I love panties but ... My little secret is something naughty I like to do to cheer myself up or to add some excitement to a boring day. It combines my two favorite pastimes… shopping, and being sexually adventurous.

I will go shopping, perhaps to the mall or out into town, and start off quite normally. I go dressed in whatever looks or feels comfortable that day. But, I always wear a skirt or a dress, and always wear panties… although I always choose different panties. In fact, for reasons that will become obvious, I often buy some new panties especially for what I am about to do.

After a while of looking around the shops, perhaps stopping for a coffee, I decide to try something on in the changing rooms. It could be anything, perhaps I really do want to buy it, perhaps I have no intention of that whatsoever. But, once I get in the changing room, I take off my panties there and then. When I started doing this, I put my panties in my bag, but somehow one day I decided it would be so much more exciting if I lost my panties hehe. So I normally leave them hanging up for the next person to find, or stuff them behind the seat. Whatever I do with them, I cannot go back for them, just in case they have been found by someone.

This means I am now wearing a skirt or a dress in public, going totally commando, that is, without panties. And there is no way I can put any panties on until I get home. I guess I could always buy some, but that could get quite expensive, because I like to do this often.

As soon as I step out onto the street I can feel the breeze flowing up between my legs. The feeling this gives me in my pussy is so exciting, sometimes I wish I could just strip off right there and let everyone see my pussy. Sometimes I shave it, and sometimes I let it grow natural, I have no overall preference either way.

Often I will go into a clothing store and start to peruse the clothes they have for sale. When I get deep into the clothes racks and I think noone can see me, I will dare myself to raise my skirt as high as I can. Sometimes I can see the store assistant over the top of the clothing racks, but they have no idea that I am exposing my pussy right in front of them, just hidden by the clothes. I have actually been within a foot or two of another shopper before with my pussy exposed right next to them, but they didn’t even realise, they just thought I was looking at the clothes near them.

I often fantasize that I will go for a coffe with no panties on like this one day, and when I leave I will accidentally flash whoever is watching with a glimpse up my skirt. It gets me wet just to think about it.


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