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I talked my wife into having adulterous sex with a young and attractive man she met at the tennis court. I have a problem with premature ejaculation while having coital sex, which annoyed her, understandibly, more and more. I am sexually submissive, enjoy giving oral sex to a woman without getting anything in return -in high school I used to lick girlfriends to orgasm and told them not to bother about my own, which they appreciated greatly- but my wife just wanted to have penetrative sex with a man who can keep it up for more than my pathetic five seconds. I had to admit that I am sexually inadequate and that she had every right to have sex with a sexually able man. Licking her pussy and then watch her getting laid by our friend while I masturbate -no orgasm allowed for me- is very humiliating, but being humiliated is what submissive husbands are for.

Jon - 46

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