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So my ex son in law stops by every so often to help with chores, borrow tools, simply hello's etc. Somehow always when my husbands at work. We flirt, hell he's my ex son in law and my husband hasn't touched me in years.

I admit I am a tease, for him anyway. Subtle things like buttoning my blouse as I enter the room to not so subtle such as wearing a tight white tee and rubbing ice on my nipples as he's walking up the walkway. All in good fun and trust me he does the same, I have seen many a raging hard on in his jeans and shorts.

Anyway, his last afternoon visit I mention a sore back and he says that's it, you've done plenty for me over the years let me give you a massage, I am pretty good at it.

I actually agreed.

He said to grab two small towels and we headed to my bedroom. He turned and I stripped, I couldn't believe I was three feet from him and naked, a bit nervous for sure. Was this going to be a massage or was he finally going to fuck me like we both want.

Well I laid on my stomach towel over my ass. He worked my back and said I was way to tense. Told me to roll over and I did so and covered my vagina and breasts with the towel. He worked my neck and said again I needed to relax. Then said you need to relax and not be so tense in order for me to help so "i guess in order to take care of you i'll need to take care of you. With that he removed the towel on my breasts and rubbed my tits. He bent over and began licking them. Then he slid me back and gently kissed me, then my head off the bed he took his cock from his pants. I took it in my hands and guided it to my mouth. My ex son in law who I have fantasized over for like twenty years now was fucking my mouth, in about 30 seconds he exploded in my mouth. I was a bit bummed as I thought that was it but I was wrong.

He got on the bed and began fingering and licking me. He was still rock hard and he slid his cock into my pussy and fucked me hard, to my surprise I came about as quickly as he had. He continued fucking me and I came again, I have never had multiple orgasms before, it was amazing. I thought we were done, wrong again. He rolled me over and slowly gently began licking my ass, rectum and all. He asked if anyone had ever been lucky enough to fuck that sweet ass? I said no. He said god I find it hard to believe this is the first time that ass gets fucked. I said I never let anyone, but that I wanted him to. With that I felt the head of his cock pressing against my rectum, suddenly he was in, my ex son in law finally fucking me up the ass and I was loving it. He lasted a while as he had already come once. Finally as I felt I was being torn apart he exploded in my ass. He got in bed and lied beside me. I asked how we would face each other going forward. He said it wouldn't be that different for him. Instead of seeing me and thinking to himself as he had for over 20 years now, god I'd love to fuck her in that ass that now he'd simply say to himself, god I can't wait to fuck her in that ass again! Really not going to be that different. He penciled me in for another apt same time next week. I cannot wait!


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