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Well, I guess I really got into being naked at home, when there is noone else around, I rarely wear any clothes. I just feel so free and sexy when I am naked, and I get undressed as much as possible.

Whe I have the house to myself, I strip right off and go about my daily routine comletey nude. This feels so good, and I am always tempted to reach down and play with myself whilst I am doing so. One thing I really love to do is find a job in the window and do this totally naked.

My garden is not too overlooked at the back of my house, and I will open the windows wide, grab some window cleaning products and stand there taking my time, feeling the cool breeze over my nakes tits and pussy and wearing nothing but my rubber cleaning gloves.

The front of my house opens out right onto the street, and sometimes when I am feeling really frisky I will go and water the windows plants completely in the nude. I have no net curtains in my house any more, because I love being naked so much, I just wonder around in full view of the windows. This makes me so wet and horny. I will often dare myself to go to the front of the house and open the windows, and linger for a bit wondering if anyone can see me. Maybe the neighbours are peering out of their cutrains watching me. I hope so, I love the feeling that they might see me.

Of course, it all gets too much, so while I am preparing dinner for the family before they arrive home the spoon handle or similar kitchen implement will often find its way inside me, and usually when they get back I will be fully clothed again but will be extremely satisfied.

Iím always trying to think of new activities I can do totally naked and love cleaning the house in full view of the windows whilst naked. I suggest that you give it a try, I think I am addicted!


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