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I've had many opportunities to "lose it" but it wasn't until I worked with a very attractive man that I really decided the time had come. We were working late one evening and I'd had a difficult day because it was mid-way from my monthly & I was feeling extremely hormonic. He came into my office to see whether I had finished his typing and he looked so gorgeous that I could feel myself getting wet.

When he bent over my shoulder I looked up to see his lips inches from me. On an impulse I kissed him and withing seconds he had responded, swivelling my chair around until I was facing him. He lifted me up and we kissed again, his hands sliding down my back and cupping my bottom. I wriggled and he reached a bit lower to lift my skirt. I was pressed against the desk and he squeezed each of my cheeks before his fingers hooked into the elastic of my panties, drawing them down to my thighs. He slowly moved his hands around to cup the place that I knew was leaking and when he found the wetness he slipped his finger into my slit. The sensation was so much more exciting than when I had done it on my own and I hitched my bottom onto the desk. He bent to take off my knickers and then undid his belt and zip to reveal the most fantastic erection; he reached into his top pocket and took out a condom that he rolled onto it and then took my hands to hold it. I was panting with anticipation but managed to whisper that it was my first time. He looked amazed and then slid his hands up to my tits, massaging them as I felt myself flooding more and more. My hands felt his prick throbbing and I pulled it towards me, desperate to feel the sensation I had waited so long for. He gently pushed it against my swollen lips and I pulled them apart so that he could enter more easily. At first it just felt exciting, then I sensed that he couldn't get it in any further because it started to be a little painful.

I didn't know what to expect as he pushed harder and then there was a spasm of pain shooting right through me - causing me to pull back. He was so understanding and just kissed me & stroked my wet lips for a few moments before I urged him to try again. This time he slid about halfway in and there was hardly any pain. He started to thrust ever so gently - in and out - making me get more and more aroused and pushing against him to make him go further in. The I felt his body hard against my bush and I heard myself groaning with the absolute ecstacy that he was giving me. Suddenly he groaned too and gave the most enormous thrust and I felt his prick swell and spasm inside me as he filled the condom. After a little while he slowly withdrew and kissed me passionately. I think he knew I hadn't cum but had decided that I had had enough for a first time which I thought was very kind. We dressed and I went home to my flat with a wonderful feeling coursing through me.

Once I had undressed I used my faithful vibrator to finish what he had started and went to sleep knowing I was now a complete woman & that the next time would be even more enjoyable because I would be able to keep going until he made me orgasm. I only had to wait until the following week to experience that exquisite sensation with my man, but that's another story.

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