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I think I'm in lust with my new manager. He left an unsigned note on my desk the following week very cleverly worded so that nobody else would understand the meaning reference last wednesday, I need another detailed look that file as soon as possible. Please let me know when I can see it the next day I rang his extension and when I head his voice again I felt a little twinge between my thighs. I said that anytime would be convenient within the next week and he suggested I could accompany him on an overnight visit to one of our branch offices that Friday, since he would need a secretary to take notes of the meeting.

On Friday morning I showered early and dressed in what I thought was a suitably sexy but not too daring an outfit a slim skirt with an embroidered blouse; underneath I wore my newest set of pale blue undies and stockings, and packed a fairly minimal overnight bag. Arriving at the office at 8. 30 I met him in the car park and we set off in his car for the three-hour drive. During the journey we chatted about all sorts of things and it was after he gave a few rather guarded answers to my questions that I boldly asked if he had a family? He admitted that he was married, but had no children, and that his wife had a very busy social life involving a number of well-known Charity organisations. I got the impression that they tended to live their own separate lives and from the way he spoke I felt he was not very close to her in an intimate way. This made me feel less guilty as I had always been determined that I would not get involved with a married man. We stopped at a lovely country pub for lunch and then headed for the nearby town where the office was situated. The meeting & a tour of the site lasted for about four hours and when we eventually headed back to the car he breathed a sigh of satisfaction and said that now business was finished we could relax for the evening. He drove to a hotel just out of town and I was amazed to find he had booked two rooms for us. As we went upstairs I suggested he would call for me in about an hour so that we could have drink before dinner. I had a shower, dressing in the same skirt but with a slightly more revealing blouse, and had just about finished my make-up when there was a knock at the door.

He let me in and he admired my outfit before approaching me with a very friendly smile and asking if I still remembered the last time we were alone together. Immediately I felt a little rush of wetness onto my panties and I held out my arms for me to kiss me. The embrace was very intense and he whispered that he had had great trouble in keeping his hands to himself for the earlier part of the day. We kissed again and his hands stroked my bum in a most arousing way. We parted and he sat on the bed with his hands caressing the back of my thighs as I stood in front of him. Then, with his eyes looking deeply into mine, his hands slid slowly up inside my skirt until he reached my waist, and with a sensuous movement he had drawn down my panties to my ankles, making sure I stroked my bare bottom cheeks as he did so. I was so surprised that I gasped and asked if we were really going to have a drink before dinner. He held the bundle of damp nylon to his nose, grinned wickedly and assured me that was next on the agenda, but he thought it would be more exciting to spend the evening with a girl who was naked under her skirt. I wasn't sure this was a good idea as I had never been in public before without panties, although the mere thought of it sent little twinges of excitement through me. We left my room and headed for the bar where he bought me my favourite vodka and orange. Sitting on a high bar stool made me very conscious of my undressed state and when he realised that I was having trouble sitting in a way that assured my decency he suggested we moved to one of the comfy chairs in the corner of the room. He sat opposite me with a small table between us and told me he was quite happy to be able to see as much of my stockined-legs as I cared to show me. The vodka was having an effect and I began to feel uncharacteristically wanton as I realised nobody could see us, easing my skirt up a little and parting my thighs. Just then the waiter appeared with the menus and I snapped my legs together, causing my partner to chuckle as he gave the man our order, having looked at the menu already at the bar. We had one more drink before being called to our table and I was definitely getting a little tipsy even before we started to consume the wine he had ordered. Towards the end of an excellent meal he began to turn the subject to more intimate matters and in a soft and seductive voice he started to tell me exactly what he intended to do to me when we returned to the room; while he stroked the inside of my wrist with soft fingers he also suggested a number of things he felt I might like to do to him. I was getting more and more aroused and could sense myself leaking copiously as he detailed some activities that would be very new to me. We finished our coffee and he led me to the lift.

As we rose to the second floor he took me in his arms and kissed me passionately, stopping only when the lift jerked to a halt & the doors opened. Once inside his room he again embraced me and gently eased my blouse from my waistband so that he could reach up and cup my bra. I pushed him away and undid both the blouse buttons and the clip of my bra in order that he could really do justice to the straining nipples of my tits. Before he reached for me again he undid his tie and removed his shirt, revealing a quite brown & muscled hairy chest. During the clinch that followed I realised I should have paid a visit to the bathroom before we started as I could feel I was in need of a pee, but it was too exciting to break away then and I subconsciously put it out of my mind. He reached around my waist and pulled down the zip of my skirt, stepping back to allow me to remove it as I took off his suit trousers and pants. As I stood naked before him I nearly exploded at the sight of his immense erection, its rounded head showing a small drop of glistening liquid at the tip. He pushed me gently back onto the bed and knelt in front of me, his hands reaching to caress my tits as I lowered his head to my stomach, his tongue tracing feathery strokes downwards to the hairs of my bush. When he reached the sensitive area of my mound, his tongue extended into the slippery engorged lips and I knew I was on the verge of something electrifying. My pelvis arched upwards without any effort on my part and I felt something amazing happening inside me that I couldn't control. I think I cried out as the orgasm racked my body and I flooded all over his mouth before relaxing back onto the duvet.

He stood up, looking down at me as I panted with the exertion, his hand carefully rolling a condom onto the now rigid & leaking erection. I moved back on the bed until my head was on the pillows and he climbed up to kneel between my open legs. He put his hands either side of my head and bent to kiss me, his tongue exploring my mouth and giving me a taste of my own fragrant juices as I lowered his body towards me. I felt his prick nestle into the wetness between my thighs and then slide through the hairs and painlessly into the creamy cavern he had prepared with his tongue. As he entered me his mouth moved to one of my tits and he sucked the prominent nipple hard as he thrust steadily inside me. The sensation was out of this world and I knew his far greater experience was something that would ensure total satisfaction & give me something I would remember for a very long time. His thrusts became more urgent and as they increased in speed, so did my arousal. Every part of my vagina seemed to be on fire and I knew it wouldn't be long before I climaxed again. Sensing the utter enjoyment of what he was doing to me, he sat up and lifted my legs over his shoulders, wrapping his arms around them to pull me even closer to him and allow even deeper penetration; this made his prick touch different places inside me and somewhere in my semi-conscious haze of ecstasy I could feel him pressing on my full bladder as I came closer and closer to another explosive orgasm. Suddenly he began to groan aloud and I felt his prick swell inside me just before he thrust violently against my pubis and filled the condom. This took me right over the edge of any control I might have had and my body lifted off the bed to meet him as I too thundered to a climax. I felt my vagina contract again and again, milking him dry and then I felt the desperate urge to pee. I slid from beneath him and rushed to the bathroom, feeling my muscles give up the fight to stem the flow just as I sat on the seat. When I returned to the bed he was carefully removing the full condom and having done so he held his arms open to embrace me. We cuddled together as he whispered that he had decided adultery was extremely exciting and would I be prepared to give me another trial soon. I agreed wholeheartedly.

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