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Hi, my name is Amy (not really- but I will use that name). I have been happily married for nearly 3 years. My husband is the most wonderful guy around, but I have one small problem. I love sex a lot more than he does, and rarely do I get enough from him to keep me from be very horny. I work in a large corporate office and there are literly dozens and dozens of good looking horney hunks that work there. I work in the ad department and was assigned to work on a promotional with two other women and two men. One of the guys (I will call him Bob) and I worked diligently to make sure this project was completed on time and met the high expectations of our boss. Well to make a long story short, we worked very long hours and several weekends on this project, and Bob and I became quite attracted to each other. We began finding excuses to work alone or atleast out of the sight of our co-workers.

This one particular night we had all worked long past our usual quitting time, and I had called my husband twice telling him we were still working and not to wait up on me. Everyone had left the office except Bob and me, and we were finding excuses to touch or brush up against each other. Finally Bob just hugged me and planted the most sensious kiss on me I had ever had. I just melted in his arms, although I pretended to want to wriggle away. I think he knew I was wanting the same thing he was and just held me closer and kissed me deeper, his tongue searching every inch of my mouth. I could feel my pussy getting extremly wet, and my face very flushed. Next Bob began kissing my neck and fondling by breasts through my very thin blouse. It had been more than 4 years since another man had held me this way and I knew I could't resist to giving in to the pleasures of Bob touching me. I kissed him back just as hard as he was kissing me and my mind was racing ahead thinking what he would feel like inside me. I could feel his strong hands on my butt, rubbing and caressing me so strongly, yet so gently. I knew I wanted this man inside my now wet, hot pussy. Slowly he began unbuttoning my blouse and kissing the top of each breast, and at the same time I felt his hand raising my dress. Yes, my pussy was wet and waiting for his gentle touch.

Without a word he slid his hands inside my tiny panties and in one motion began sliding them off me. Then I felt his hands brushing over my nicely trimmed pussy and a finger making its way inside me. I was so wet his finger slide inside me instantly. I began moving back and forth on his finger as he sucked my nipples. Yes I wanted this man inside me, and yes I was also thinking about my husband at home.... But Bob had taken me over the edge and I was willing to take the chance of committing adultery. I began un-doing bob's belt and unfastening his pants and they just fell to the floor. I put my hands down inside his brief's and I couldn't believe what I felt. His cock must have been 10 inches long and so thick. I had never felt anything like this before (my husband is slightly over 5" and not very thick ) . As bob's fingers plowed deeper inside me I began wondering if I could take this enormous cock in my pussy. Well no sooner had that thought beamed in my brain, Bob picked me up and laid me on a long office desk and began spreading my legs apart and knealing down infront of me and spreading my soaking pussy. I felt his tongue inside me and my hips began bouncing up and down wanting him deeper inside me. Then I felt his tongue on my clit and I couldn't last any longer. I had an instant orgasm, and I wanted more... I wanted that huge cock inside me, satisfying my pussy like it had never been satisfied before.

I looked at Bob and said, "Come up here and fuck me with that huge cock." I want to feel it deep inside me. He spread my legs and I could feel the head of his cock enter my hot, wet pussy. I could feel Bob pushing slowly and deeper inside me.. My pussy unwilling to let him enter. It felt like he was ripping my pussy apart, but I was willing to suffer the pain, just to feel his cock completly inside me. He pushed slowly and steadily until he was finally in me. I have never felt anything so wonderful yet so painful. He began to slowly slide in and out of me and my pussy became looser and I began to enjoy it so much more. Finally he began fucking me really fast and deep and I knew I was about orgasm again, and I wanted him to cum inside me. I wanted to feel his warm cum inside my pussy. Afterwards we cleaned up in his office and I went home a very sore, but happy woman.

Bob and I still meet about two or three weeks. He has certainly broken me into the size of his cock. I can take him inside me now without any trouble... The only trouble being, my husband as told be several times recently, my pussy seems to be getting bigger... Umm wonder why?

Amy - 41

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