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First let me get this totally straight first. I never mess around with the workmen and traders, I have never slept with them and they donít even know that I mess around with them. I love my husband dearly, and would never cheat on himÖ well, not in the flesh anyways. Let me explainÖ

It all started when our boiler broke down one day. My husband went off to work and soon after called me to say he had asked a boiler repairman to pop in the following day. I didnít have much to do the present day, so as usual I took time getting dressed, putting my make up on and generally lounging around. I was naked in my bedroom sitting at my dressing table when I heard a knock at the door.

Not knowing who was at the door, I grabbed a flimsy skirt that was lying on the floor, flung on a tight white cropped top and raced to the door. When I opened it, there stood the repairman come to fix the boiler. He was a day early! I would have tidied the place a little and been appropriately dressed if I had known he was coming today. When I asked him which day he was supposed to come, he was adamant that my husband had said today, there must have been a misunderstanding. Oh well, I explained what the problem was.

As I was talking to him on the doorstep, I noticed his eyes dart down and look at my chest area a couple of times. Typical man I was thinking, although he wasnít sleazy at all, he was quite polite, and indeed looked away and a little embarrassed every time he caught himself doing it. I let him in, and he walked past me. I ushered him to the back of the house where the boiler was and I was following behind him. I took the opportunity to glance down at my breasts whilst he couldnít see me ďjust to checkĒ. To my horror my nipples were rock hard and were standing out quite prominently from under my tight fitting top. No wonder he couldnít keep his eyes off them! Because the knock at the door had startled me, and I had been naked just before, all the excitement must have aroused them or something.

I was then thinking about whether to make an excuse and nip upstairs to change my top. No, I thought, then he will realize that I noticed. He has already seen them now anyways, I might as well just leave it be. I showed him the boiler and offered him a coffe, which he accepted. Whilst I was in the kitchen making the coffee, I set about trying to smooth down my top, or make my nipples go soft. I was in for a surprise though, because as my hands brushed against my boobs, I suddenly felt very horny and incredibly excited. I stopped trying to hide them and started rubbing them. Damn it felt so naughty and exciting. I was getting quite horny rapidly. I quickly finished making the coffee and took it back into the workman.

He thanked me, and I sat down on the seat behind him, just across the room. He stuck his head back inside the boiler, he was on his knees attempting to fix it, and I glanced back down at my nipples. They were still very hard and the urge to touch them again was strong. Keeping my eyes fixed on the busy guy, to make sure he couldnít see me, I raised my hands and brushed each nipple with my fingertips. They got even harder Iím sure, and I got so much more aroused. My entire breasts were getting puffy, and with my eyes still fixed on the repairman I flicked and teased and carressed my nipples. I kept on doing it, getting faster and faster and thatís when I started to feel my pussy getting wet. I mean really wet, I was hyper charged by this act of naughtiness. Suddenly, the repairman pulled his head out from under the boiler and reached for his coffee. My hands dropped straight down to my sides and I smiled and reached for my own coffee, as if nothing in the world was wrong.

I made some polite conversation with him, and then back down his head went and I immediately started fondling my breasts again. A wicked idea entered my mind, and slowly I raised my top. Just a little at first, but I felt braver and braver and eventually it rode up and out popped one of my boobs. My boob was now totally exposed and I was literally only feet away from this guy. My nipple certainly was hard at this point, and I grabbed it between two fingers and started pinching it. Not too hard, but enough to send waves of pleasure through me. My nipples are rather sensitive anyway, and to to me this was bliss. A couple more times he raised his head, I quickly dropped my top back down over my breasts, and we exchanged a few pleasantries, and every time his head went back down, my top went back up. I was making sure to expose both breasts this time, and the pleasure I felt from this was incredible.

After a while the man announced that he was finished, and I agreed to pay the bill. All the while he was talking to me, he didnít glance down at my chest once, in fact he didnít even look me in the eyes. He must have been so embarrassed from seeing my nipples before. He couldnít miss them, they really were poking out a lot.

Suffice to say, when he left my hand went straight under my skirt. I donít think I had ever been that wet before. It took literally two seconds before I came, and it lasted for a long time.

Nowadays, whenever we have a repairman over, I always make sure Iím appropriately dressedÖ appropriately to have some fun, I mean. I am always flashing my boobs to them without them knowing, and I am working up the courage to start doing the same with my pussy.


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